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Watching That’s Predictions for Streaming TV in 2024

While 2023 will be remembered as a tough year for Tech and Media, Streaming TV has continued its growth trajectory with the surge in FAST channels and ad supported streaming (Disney+, Netflix).Case Studies Sticker

With plenty of noise around for the year ahead, we asked our team for their predictions based on what they’ve seen happening over the past few months.

  1. Maximizing Ad Value

Competition continues to increase in Streaming Advertising, so publishers are under even more pressure to maximize their Ad revenue. With limited resources, they’ll be focussing on monitoring their inventory to quickly identify issues, overseeing partners’ performance, optimizing FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channels, and troubleshooting problems promptly to maintain the highest Ad spot value.

  1. OEM Competition

OEMs (e.g. Apple, Samsung, Roku) are flexing their muscles in the streaming world. They’re not just improving hardware but watch out for the increased focus on exclusive content, user interfaces, and creating brand-centric ecosystems to lock more users into their services.

  1. Bundling Returns

After the era of unbundling, we believe bundling will make a comeback. Viewers are already overwhelmed by having multiple subscriptions and would welcome streaming services collaborating, merging, or forming partnerships to aggregate content subscriptions and easing very real subscription fatigue.

  1. Green Advertising

Sustainability and advertising metrics don’t often get heard about in the mainstream, but we’ll see this rise in importance. Advertisers and brands will focus on optimizing ad campaigns and tech stacks to reduce carbon footprints, aiming for more efficient and sustainable advertising practices.

  1. AI for Automation & Discoverability

2023 has been the year Artificial Intelligence went mainstream. In the streaming world, we believe 2024 will see AI drive further automation in the delivery and monitoring of streaming advertising. It will also aid in improving content discoverability and enhancing user experiences by personalizing content recommendations.

  1. Privacy Concerns & Regulations

With a continued focus on privacy, regulations around streaming (especially Connected TV) will likely intensify. The balance between providing personalized content and respecting user privacy is a perennial challenge. As streaming platforms aim to cater to viewers while satisfying advertisers, finding the line between public and private data usage will be crucial.

This year we anticipate a dynamic and evolving streaming landscape with continued tech advancements ensuring the rules will keep evolving, and the Watching That team are ready to help; 2024 here we come!