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Avoid Ad Overload and Bad Ad Experiences. Keep on top of Your Exposure Rates

Over exposing your viewers to ads can have catastrophic effects.  But under exposing them leaves money on the table.  How do you get it right?

Bad ad experiences are proven to be a major cause of viewer abandonment.  It’s an obvious point to state but a hard one to monitor and control.

One of the bigger viewer complaints is around too many ads are being shown. Their “exposure” to ads is too high.

Another complaint is that viewers see the same ad too many times.  Again their “exposure”, in this case to an ad creative or campaign, is too high.

In theory these situations should be controlled by your ad server via tools like frequency capping.  However, as the technology to deliver an ad increases in complexity these controls are not working as expected.

Get your Exposure Rates and Levels in Watching That


Effective Exposure is defined as the number of impressions per unique viewer for a set time interval.
Exposure Level is defined as the number of avails/ad slots per unique viewer for a set time interval.

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Exposure Level and Effective Exposure are just 2 metrics you can deploy easily to keep tabs on your levels.

The difference between the two can be profound.  The Exposure Level tells you have many ads the viewer MAY see and the Effective Exposure tells you exactly how many they DID see.

Using Exposure with Campaign, Inventory, Creative and even Content dimensions opens up a slew of insights that you’ve not had before.


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In 4 simple tables we can learn and understand viewer exposure levels by:

  • Campaign
  • Content
  • Programmatic Deal
  • Ad Break

And any dimension that is supported for the Ad Scope in Watching That is eligible.

Zero in on a dimension to take action:

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This very simple-to-use table shows the exposure level of a single campaign is much higher than any of the others, and it’s delivering a lot of impressions.  Is that leading to duplications?

This is simple to verify by just switching the dimension from Campaign to Creative:

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There is no Creative Id that has been exposed to a user more than once in the last day.  Phew, we’re all good.

Now we can zoom out and find out interesting drivers for growth! What inventory delivers us with great exposure levels and what is struggling to provide?

Demo Fw Viewership Exposure Report 2024 06 05 2024 06 05

Another quick and simple pivot to our Site Section (or other inventory dimension) shows us key insights.  In this case we can see a Site Section that is driving great exposure levels but a low render rate (how many ad slots convert to impressions).

We can now go focus our energy there to grow our yields!  Action plan sorted.


All of this and more is available in the platform and you can get started quickly with the new Viewership Report Template.

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Get in touch with your CSM today to find out more.