Anomaly Detection

18 Billion Potential Points of Ad Delivery Failure. Here’s How You Protect Yourself.


That’s the number of permutations of ad inventory that makes up a typical 24 hrs for an ad supported broadcaster.

2,282 Ad Creatives, 2,027 Placements and 4,028 Ad Units.

Just to get one ad seen by one viewer an ad server needs to match up multiple inputs to get the perfect match.  These inputs include:

  • Ad Creatives
  • Placements / Line Items
  • Ad Units

And to get to those inputs there are any number of other fields and parameters that need to be keyed in properly:

  • Audience Targeting Rules
  • Demographic Restrictions
  • Time Partitioning
  • Frequency Caps
  • Content Alignment Rules

Just to name a few.

Each one of these need to be aligned to the policies and rules of the Campaigns and Orders  are loaded up into the ad server by either human operators and/or 3rd party systems that, in turn, have human input as their sources.

To say it’s all built like a house of cards is a terrific understatement.  It’s more like building a skyscraper with pipe-cleaners.

It’s no wonder then that streamers feel like they are chasing their tails and not achieving their full revenue potential.

Prevention is the best medicine. Watching That Validation Monitors are your personal ad system health care professional.

Snapshot of an example Validation Monitors list page

Imagine if you had an army of resource that just continuously checked every input every 5 minutes to ensure everything was keyed in properly.

This, in essence, is what Watching That Validation Monitors do.

You load up business rules: for example, ensuring that a creative has all the relevant info like IDs that is needed to serve; or there are no conflicts in your audience targeting.

Hit save and Watching That will do the rest. 

From 2,282 to 1

Snapshot of a Watching That UI that shows a record from the Validation Monitors

Automatically the 1 non compliant Ad Creative out of the 2,282 that are active at any moment is surfaced right to the top.

Not only that, but all the information of that creative is at your finger tips,  AND you can link straight through to your ad server for immediate remediation.

How much time does that save you?  Hours? Days?

Would it have been noticed at all?

It will now, with Watching That Validation Monitors.