Complete Your Ad-Tech Jigsaw Puzzle

From today, users of Watching That can easily connect to even more critical sources of data.

Along with our current library of turn key player plugins and ad-tech log level integrations, we’ve launched connectors to:

  • Google Ad Manager via a log file integration
  • Google AdX via a log file integration
  • The Springserve ad server via a log file integration
  • SSPs including Magnite, Pubmatic etc via analytics reports
  • Inventory tracking and monitoring via our pixel offering

To get started just get in touch with your customer success manager.

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The Watching That’s philosophy of data collection and analysis.

In streaming’s hyper-fragmented technology setup this can feel like you’re trying to assemble the Educa Borras 42,000 piece Around the World puzzle (the world’s largest jigsaw).

Quite simply, data can and does come from pretty much everywhere; trying to assemble this into the full picture is a full-time job. And this is before you can start analyzing and discovering any insights contained within.

We want to alleviate this burden on (high value) human resources. So Watching That continues to invest and innovate in how we collect, store and present this data – automatically – for our users.

This latest class of integrations continues to push that agenda forward as we now support the world’s largest ad server (Google Ad Manager), the fastest growing CTV ad server (Springserve), and the main platforms of CTV supply. Plus, we provide the ability to follow your inventory across any distribution channel with our pixel technology.

Connecting Data V2 2

With this setup, teams no longer need to run the fences of every tech component in their setups for shards of data. Watching That will do that for you, automatically.

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