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Monitoring Pixel: total continuous monitoring of all your inventory with Watching That, code free!

Are you a revenue or technical operations professional in a streaming video business?  Or an executive in charge of ensuring your business is maximising revenue returns and protecting your profit margins?  Great news: it just became simple to ensure every aspect of your ad inventory is monitored continuously for any anomalies or issues, code free!

With Watching That’s Monitoring Pixel you can get total, continuous and real time monitoring of every ad slot and impression across all your inventory by just deploying an IAB compliant pixel into your ad serving stack. 

In this post we’ll explain how Watching That’s Monitoring Pixel works and how to get started.

  • What is the Watching That Monitoring Pixel?
  • Why use the Watching That Monitoring Pixel?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are some great examples of the Watching That Monitoring Pixel?
  • Talk to an expert

What is the Watching That Monitoring Pixel?

Wt Pixel

As a streaming revenue ops professional you can deploy the Watching That Monitoring Pixel straight into your ad serving tech stack to create a continuous, real-time data feed from every single one of your ad slots, no matter where it’s viewed.  There is no need to barter with product and engineering to build and deploy code in your apps, hassle your data teams for log file access, or beg your 3rd party partners for report feeds. 

All you need to do is add the Watching That Monitoring Pixel into your primary ad server or SSP for any VAST event you want tracked. Job done. 

The Pixel is one simple url, provided to you by the Watching That Support team, that is pasted into your ad server for impression events to provide you with instant, real-time data from every impression event. 

You can go further and deploy the pixel for quartile events to get VTR, or deploy it for error events to understand examples where ads are failing to load. 

No coding necessary.

Why use the Watching That Monitoring Pixel?

For rev and tech ops teams, the entire process of setting up an automated and built-for-streaming monitoring system is much faster and far more straightforward with Watching That’s Monitoring Pixel:

  • Code free deployment
    • Watching That support will generate urls for the IAB VAST events that matter to you and you just paste them in your ad serving technology stack.
  • Real time data feed from every ad slot
    • Watching That’s data pipeline processes the received pixels within seconds, providing you with data that has negligible latency. 
  • Automated anomaly detection built in
    • You can pick from different anomaly detection algorithms that significantly reduces the risk of false positives and noisy alerts. 
  • Go beyond Impressions with total VAST event support
    • Deploy pixels for ad playback events letting you monitor VTR and completion events.  Spot not just issues with performance but also issues with ad creative playback.
  • Leverage Watching That’s suite of analytical tools
    • Once you’re alerted of an anomaly you can take action with Watching That’s data analysis and drill down tools to determine the root cause quickly.
  • Dispatch Incident Reports to the right teams within minutes
    • The speed of the first response makes all the difference in critical situations.  To stop an anomaly becoming a catastrophic failure, you can send a detailed incident report to the relevant teams within minutes.

How do I get started?

Here’s how to use the Watching That Monitoring Pixel

  1. Determine which ad serving technology to use
    Select which ad server or tech you want the pixel to be managed by.
    Some ad servers allow deployed 3rd party pixels at the creative level, some higher up on orders and sites too.
  2. Select the macros you want to enable and IAB VAST events you want to track
    Pick any macros that your ad server tech supports (macros are placeholder names for variable data that is set at the time the pixel is deployed). These will be made available as dimensions in your Watching That account. Also decide on which events you want to track.  You’ll receive a pixel for each.
  3. Submit your request via Watching That support
    Your chosen macros and events will be turned into a list of pixel urls by the Watching That support team.
  4. Deploy the pixels in your ad server
    Using the UI of your chosen ad server, paste the pixel urls and save them.  
  5. Create your monitors in the Watching That Monitoring Module
    Using the intuitive interface, you can create your desired monitors which you can deploy immediately.   Choose from relative change or threshold algorithms.  They are built for streaming.
  6. Sit back and relax in the knowledge that your entire inventory is under constant, intelligent monitoring.

What are some great examples of how to use the Watching That Monitoring Pixel?

  • FAST and Offsite Monitoring of all impressions
    This setup ensures there is no unexpected drop or outage of impression delivery. The pixel is sent along with all ad responses to requests from offsite platforms without the need to integrate with their player and playout platform.
  • Creative Health using VTR/Completion Events
    In this configuration the quartile events are used at the ad creative level to detect any anomalous change in playback/completion rates.  This helps identify rouge, misbehaving creatives even if all is technically sound.
  • Real Time Heartbeat of all Live streaming inventory
    The Watching That pipeline monitors incoming data continuously with minimal latency, making the monitoring solution suitable for live streaming ad inventory.

Talk to an Expert

With billions of streaming ads monitored across the globe with Watching That’s Monitoring solution, we have plenty of experience and examples to help you:

  1. Get an automated, real time monitoring solution setup with no code providing you with total inventory coverage;
  2. Be the first to know of any issues and arm you with all the tools to resolve them before they become problems;
  3. Save millions in revenue from totally avoidable downtime.  How much does a day, hour or even minute of no ad delivery cost you?

When you use Watching That’s monitoring and analytics platform you get top notch expert support from your customer success manager. 

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