Dimension Focus Device Type

Dimension Focus: Device Type

In this Dimension Focus we explore the Device Type dimension. 

Device Type

Device Type is a dimension that describes what device an ad was viewed on. But it’s not quite as simple as it may seem.

Depending on the source of the information, Device Type might not provide the whole picture. But it could be a useful tool in helping to identify the source of a problem, refining your data in a thorough investigation.

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be targeting any ad campaigns by device, you probably won’t have reports set up by Device Type. Nevertheless, it’s a useful way to investigate anomalies in our Troubleshooting module. 

In the example below. Errors are broken down by Device Type, revealing mobile (‘phone’) devices were responsible for 70.52% of all errors.

Device Type Watching That Troubleshooting Module

If you’re looking at web video device information, the Variables are determined by the player, so JW Player, Brightcove etc. will be the source of this data, rather than ad network.

Watching That Case Study:

One Watching That client was struggling with Viewability on their web video player. A quick check of the client’s Reports revealed the source of this drop in Viewability:

By filtering the offending inventory by Device Type we found a cluster on Desktop. From here, a further refinement by Browser Type showed that most of the poor Viewability was turning up on the Safari browser.

With that knowledge, the Rev Ops team dispatched someone to fix the problem.


If you’re using Freewheel, there’s a dimension called Player Type that drills down a little deeper, to give you a more accurate picture of how an ad was being watched. 

With Player Type you’re given the device type as well as the streaming format.

Watching That Customer Success Manager, Morgan Callue’s Tip:

Watching That Team- Morgan Callue 1Often we find that dividing by Device Type is a great starting point for troubleshooting anomalies. A next step should be looking into OS or Browser [if it’s desktop inventory].


If you have an experience of using the Device Type dimension you’d like to share, please get in touch.