Dimension Focus Content

Dimension Focus: Content

People don’t come to your service for the ads – they come for the content. So in this Dimension Focus we’ll look at the dimensions that can help understand how content drives revenue.

For Freewheel users, there are three Content Dimensions – Series, Video, and Genre – that have data in V4 Log Files.

The Dimensions

Series: This describes a content series.

Video: This describes a single piece of video, such as an episode within a Series, a single film, or short form web content.

FW: Genre: This describes the genre of a series, and is derived from metadata ingested by the ad server.

Examples of variables are:

  • TV and Film
  • Reality
  • Drama
  • History
  • Crime
  • Comedy
  • Classic
  • Sports
  • News and Politics
  • Documentary


When conducting analysis on Content, there are various relevant Metrics: 

Completion Rate

Content Starts [Freewheel]



These could be used in conjunction with video to see the completion or start rate by video.

How to use these Dimensions:

In the Watching That platform, either of these dimensions can be used as a starting point for investigating performance. By investigating Fill Rate, eCPM, or Gross Ad Server Revenue based on Series or Video, Watching That users can see what content drives the best (or worst) performance.

Ad Break X Series Performance


For anomaly detection, use the Video dimension to begin investigations by Error Rate, for example. This will reveal if errors are clustering around a specific piece of content, an enable you to focus your troubleshooting energy there.

Video X Error Code

Within a Series or Video, refine the data by Ad Break to see how the performance maps across the duration of a show, including pre-, mid-, and end rolls.

Series Fill Rate

Use FW: Genre to see which genre of content is best performing with an engagement proxy, such as Ad Break.

Morgan’s Tip

Watching That Team- Morgan Callue 1Content Dimensions are a great way to understand which shows are driving the most advertising revenue, as well as audience engagement. Share some of your insights with programming and content teams to help inform future commissioning decisions.” Morgan Callue, Customer Success Manager, Watching That.