Inspect Pinpoint Faulty Sessions

Unveiling Inspect: Find The Needles In Your Inventory Haystacks

We are thrilled to introduce our latest module in the Watching That Analytics and Monitoring Platform: Inspect.

This powerful addition is designed to revolutionize how you access the session level data that matters most in your streaming operations.

Aiming to do what Dev Tools has done to the Web Browser, Inspect allows users to find and retrieve complete records of any ad, view, bid or ad break session that is captured by the Watching That platform.

Imagine if you could look into any ad or viewing session you generated, no matter where on your playout network it happened.  It would redefine the standards of precision analytics, incident troubleshooting and regulatory compliance.

Enter Inspect.

Uncover the Needle in the Haystack

Ever felt like finding crucial information in your playout and ad delivery analytics is akin to searching for a need in a haystack?  Inspect is here to change that.

Discover the ‘Needle in the Haystack’ with SQL-free Direct Data Access to Every Session

Inspect Needle In Haystack

One of Inspect’s core value propositions is its ability to empower users to drill down into millions and billions of ads, views, ad breaks or bids to find the one that matters.  All without needing advanced skill sets in data querying languages like SQL, or relying on specialist teams to run the analysis for you.

Troubleshoot with Unprecedented Precision

Viewer complaints and issues can have a devastating impact on your business.  Having the ability to solve complex issues in as little time as possible requires precision tools and data.

Pinpoint Faulty Sessions with Ease and Identify Likely Causes Quickly

Inspect Pinpoint Faulty Sessions

Imagine this scenario – a viewer complaint has come in from social media about a “bad ad experience”.   This has the real potential of amplifying across the platforms and doing great harm to the business – let alone being a marker that something truly is wrong in your ad delivery systems.

With Inspect you quickly apply a few filters (a viewer id, a platform name, a series name), zoom in on the time of the message, and hey presto! you are looking at the record of exactly what happened at that moment to that exact viewer.

Not only can you see the errors but also the creative ID, the ad units, the campaigns, the platform and more details that were all involved in that specific session.

All of this detail  from a vague viewer complaint.  Even if your viewers can’t articulate the problem accurately, Inspect translates their experience into remedial actions.

The Holy Grail of Regulatory Compliance

In an era where compliance is non-negotiable, Inspect serves as a critical tool to your regulatory adherence.

Comprehensive Audit Data at Your FingerTips

Inspect Comprehensive Audit Data

Inspect provides audit level access to every session that has been meticulously recorded by the Watching That platform.

Have you ever had to respond to a regulatory request?  Maybe a gambling ad was reported to have been seen on kids content?

With Inspect you can quickly filter all your inventory for that creative id and prove where it was, and was not shown with the independence and transparency levels required for you to meet industry standards

Elevate Your Analytics Game with Inspect

Inspect is a game changer in the world of streaming analytics and monitoring.  With the power to find the ‘needles in the haystack’, troubleshoot with unparalleled precision and maintain an unassailable audit trail, Inspect will take your operations to the next level.

The Inspect module is currently in Beta, please get in touch to join the Beta programme.