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How to Easily and Quickly Setup A Viewer Complaint Response System That Works

Are you tired of chasing your tail when it comes to responding to viewer complaints?  Always being the last to know something isn’t right, and then not having the tools to find out exactly what happened?  All the while the clock is ticking and the frustrations are mounting?

Running the revenue operations for a streaming media business means you’re on the front line of response when things go wrong.   An unhappy viewer is quick to let you and everyone else know about it.  And that can have devastating effects across your business both in the short and long term.

Watching That can be easily configured to power a coordinated, rapid and effective Viewer Complaint Response system.

Does this scenario sound familiar:

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You’ve just received a complaint from a viewer on social media (or maybe it’s from your boss, or your boss’ boss).  The complaint is relatively vague but centers around the fact the viewer is very unhappy having seen the same ad twice in an ad break.

You need to act fast and find out is this a one off issue, or something more systemic?

And you need to inform the right team to take the right action.  You’ve got details around the viewer which includes an ID and a time of day.

What you need is a robust and fit for purpose Viewer Complaint Response system.

Easily done with Watching That. All you need to do is load up the Inspect Module, add the viewer ID as a filter, optionally zoom in on the time interval and hey presto! you’ve got the exact record of the viewer’s ad experience.

The starting point in the Inspect Module is access to every ad session you’ve created at your fingertips:

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Then you add a filter, in this case, you add the Viewer ID to get an exact read out of the ads and ad slots they were exposed to:

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And from here you can see what Creative was served, what Ad Break and Slot Position it was in, what the Campaign was, the Device Type, the App it was played on, whether you had an Impression Event or not, the Content that the viewer was watching, the possibilities are endless:

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Adding in the Creative ID at the time of the complaint we can indeed see that this viewer has been exposed to the same creative 4 times in their sessions and three time during the same ad break!

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In the end you’ve gone from millions of ad sessions to the only ones that matter and you can now take the appropriate action.

Not only that, you’ve also gained:

  1. A session level look at the viewer experience in question – every ad they were, and were not, exposed to;
  2. Hyper contextual detail about the ad experience;
  3. The ability to link back to specific ad server entities;
  4. And, most importantly, understanding of what happened and who you need to now contact to resolve the issue.

Viewer Compliant Response and Resolution done right with Watching That.