Dimension Focus: Campaign Hierarchy

For Operations teams tasked with ensuring advertising campaigns are delivering to their full potential, there is a hierarchy of component Dimensions. Understanding these enables us to optimise efficiently, and accurately. 

The hierarchy provides a guiding light for troubleshooting ad campaigns using Watching That’s suite of products.

The Campaign Hierarchy

In Freewheel the components of a campaign are:

  1. Campaign
  2. I/O
  3. Placement
  4. Ad Unit
  5. Creative

Freewheel Campaign Hierarchy for demand campaigns in CTV

Campaign describes an overarching advertising campaign, and contains multiple iterations of a creative idea.

I/O is the way a campaign is booked. It’s likely to have a symbiotic relationship with Campaign.

Placement describes the various dates, media, or targeting attributes within a campaign. Performance will vary depending on where, how, and when the placements were delivered. Each Placement contains multiple Ad units.

Ad Unit describes the dimensions and specific location of an ad within the ad break. Details of this can be found in our Dimension Focus: Ad Breaks post.

Creative is the most granular campaign component, and refers to the file formats within a specific Ad Unit.

How Watching That helps you with the Campaign Hierarchy

By refining by one of these Dimensions you can discover 

– Which Creatives are throwing errors

– Which Campaigns are filling

– Campaign performance over time

To undertake an assessment, it’s best to begin at the top level: Campaign. Then drill down step by step: Which I/Os are performing? Within those, which Placements, and so on.

By beginning this way you can see the clusters more clearly than beginning at the bottom.


Set up a Monitor based on any of the hierarchy elements to track the performance of your campaigns, at a granularity that suits your needs.

Watching That Monitoring Screenshot


Set a threshold for change, or use relative change, to alert you day-or-night when there’s a major change in delivery. This empowers you to be able to react while there’s still time to make a difference.


Establish a Report – to be checked daily, which will display the performance of certain Placements or Campaigns over time in relation to another dimension such as Impressions or Site Section.

In Watching That, such a report would look like this:

Campaign Hierarchy Report examples Watching That

Morgan’s Tip

Watching That Team- Morgan Callue 1There are many layers within a Campaign Hierarchy, being able to look at the granular level of a creative within a campaign and see if an error is being thrown on that specific creative is great, and could help save revenue – if alerted quick enough” Morgan Callue, Customer Success Manager, Watching That

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