Watching That OTT Predictions for 2022

Wow, what a year! The growth in video/OTT/streaming has been huge and further accelerated by the pandemic and the buzz around CTV shows that it will be a key focus for 2022, and it is time for advertising to step up and deliver. However, there are also some major challenges facing the brave new world of programmatic and CTV.

Here are my predictions for what will happen in 2022:Information Explained - 400x445@2x

  1. Subscriptions will hit its saturation point, leading more and more services to offer light ad- supported hybrid packages just to retain viewer numbers, let alone grow them any further.
  2. This will lead to faster adoption of the Walled Garden business model: end to end ownership of the supply chain from wallet to eyeball.  
  3. Walled gardens will lead to a major fracturing of the measurement industry with every one offering their own take on what’s going on.  Brands are in for a rough ride until a unifying measurement framework can be introduced.
  4. Attention and Engagement will replace Viewability as the gold standard of video inventory quality and effectiveness.
  5. Move over Audio, InVerse advertising will become the darling of the future of advertising thanks to the rise of the metaverse platforms thanks to the IPO success of Roblox and doubling down by Meta. 
  6. NFTs will replace Ads.txt and Ads.cert as the new way to authenticate inventory and prevent ad fraud.


Whatever the next year holds Watching That is here to support your business through all the change and growth.