How to optimise and troubleshoot your AdX video campaigns like a pro

With a recent update to the Watching That platform, users can now optimise and troubleshoot their Google AdX campaigns like never before.   Lets dive in and see how:

The ability to filter and segment by Ad Wrapper Ids has been added to the Troubleshooting and Builder sections of the platform. 

This dimension allows you to slice and dice your data by any ID that was involved in the VAST delivery of the end ad creative. 

In the case of your active AdX campaigns you can now use its ID (available in the GAM UI)  as the value in these fields to pull out all the metrics and data relating to the campaign.

Troubleshooting AdX video campaigns has never been easier.

In this example we’re going to easily troubleshoot an active AdX PG campaign.  We’ve added its GAM / AdX ID to the Ad Wrapper Id filter:

This now allows us to quickly identify where and why this campaign might be under delivering.

By Error Code


Or by Ad Id

Or by Browser


In this case we can determine there is a problem with this campaign on the both the mobile and desktop version of Safari.  From here we can look at that specific setup to see if it’s a creative file issue or something else specific to the Safari browser.

In Flight Analysis and Optimisation is a snap

Knocking errors out is one critical function, but overall campaign success depends on many factors.  In this case we want to ensure we are able to monitor and observe the campaign performance in flight.

Done right this will allow us to quickly identify and assess a potential issue well before it becomes a problem.

For this we turn to the Builder tool.  We build a blueprint that will visualise all the key metrics we care about with this campaign:



By simply adding the AdX PG Id here we have unlocked a wealth of insights. At glance we can see:

  • How many impressions it’s delivered, and its Viewability and View Through Rates;
  • How it has broken across sites and how those sites perform individually and across the group;|
  • Clear and concise understanding of where the campaign is failing to deliver so immediate remedial action can be taken. 

All of this is available in real time and across any time range you want. It really couldn’t be easier to make sure all your AdX video campaigns are delivering with maximum effectiveness. 

Want to know more?  Get in touch with your account rep for further details!