Data Visualisations Available in Watching That

The complete list of data visualisations that are available in the Watching That platform.

Fill rate is Impressions/ Ad opportunities. Ad opportunities are when there is both an ad request and a play request, so a real opportunity for an Ad to be delivered

Fatal Error rate is the count of Fatal errors / number of sessions. A fatal error is an error where no impressions occurs during that session. A session is every time our plugin loads, so should be similar to player loads.

Top Domains shows Ad requests, Impressions, fill rate and error rate for your top 5 (by volume) domains.

Top Devices shows Ad requests, Impressions, fill rate and error rate for your top 5 (by volume) devices.

Top Countries shows Ad requests, Impressions, fill rate and error rate for your top 5 (by volume) countries.

Top DSPs shows Ad requests, and fill rate for your top 5 (by volume) DSPs

Inventory Quality

Ads with a 100% view through rate shows % of Ads with 100% VTR

Ads more than 60% in-view shows what % of Ad units are more than 60% in-view, following MRC’s viewability standards. We take this measurement for every single session at the point of ad request

Ads bigger than 300px shows what % of your Ad units are bigger than 300px which is the minimum to be considered a large player

Ad Load Speed is the average time from ad request to ad impression

Performance Overview - funnel view of your performance: Play Requests, Ad Requests, Impressions and Errors

Play Requests are the number of time Play has been initiated either by the user of by autoplay

Ad Requests are the number of times an Ad request has been sent from the player to the ad server. Ad blocking will stop the ad requests being sent which may account for a discrepancy between play and ad requests. It will also depend on when the ad request is being made, either when the player loads or when the Play request is made.

Impressions when the first pixel of the Ad actually plays then an impression is counted. Google Ad manager counts an impression when the Ad loads, so earlier than Watching That, not all Ads that load actually deliver an impression, so you may see a discrepancy here too.

Video Views when the video content begins to play, after the Ad if there is one.

Playlist Fill rate shows the fill rate for the top 5 positions of a video playlist.

Errors by code show the count of errors for each error code. Our guide to error codes can be found here.

Ad Creative Performance shows the number of impressions for the top 5 (by volume) Ad Creative IDs.

Player Performance shows the Play requests, fill rate and error rate for the top 5 (by volume) players

Telaria Fill rate is Ad loads/ Ad requests

Telaria Use rate is Impressions/Ad loads so showing you rate of Ads that load actually turn into impressions

DFP Line Item fill rate shows impressions and error rate for each DfP line item. We only show DfP line items where the impression has been delivered by DFP, if they have been redirected e.g. to AdX they will not be displayed here.

DFP Ad Unit fill rate shows ad requests and fill rate by each DFP ad unit