Watching That Launches Enhanced Freewheel Integration

From today, users of the Freewheel Ad Server can benefit from an improved integration with the Watching That platform.

If you use Freewheel to deliver your video ads you’ll be familiar with the terms Site, Site Section, Placement and Selling Partners.

You’ll also know just how critical it is to have any issues with your setup described in these terms.

However it can be a challenge for Freewheel users to get visibility on the metrics that matter, in real time, to be able to spot and solve revenue impacting issues as they occur. Watching That’s new integration provides the solution to that problem.

For example, rather than vaguely knowing your fill rate is low and finding out about any error well after it’s become an issue, with Watching That you can now have immediate notification of any issue in your Freewheel setup described in detail by any of those terms above, and more.

These new features are available either a web based player plugin, a native integration of our Collector API, or via a new integration with the Freewheel V4 Logs feature.

Added support for Freewheel V4 Logs

If you use Freewheel chances are you have a very complex play-out landscape ranging across many owned and distributed web and native applications.

And keeping across all that fragmentation is now super simple with the new Watching That integration with the Freewheel V4 Log system. 

Through this no code setup you can power Watching That with all the data you need to provide full, in depth and real time monitoring of your entire play-out environment.

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Freewheel Data is now part of the Watching That Data Schema

Site, Site Section, Selling Partner, Placement and more have all been added to the WTDS making them available for rich visualisations and deep analytical purposes. 

Now you can link your Freewheel setup to all other aspects of your business operations and outcomes.

See how well Site Sections are performing over time:

Data Visualisation Impressions by Site Id

Immediately spot error spikes by Site Section

Error by Site Section visualisation

Go deeper into Ad Errors then ever before with complete support of the entire Freewheel Error Schema

Freewheel Error List

See what you new hidden insights you can uncover

Added Definitions to our Complete Error Guide

By far the most visited page of our website is our Complete Error Guide.  And we’ve just updated it to include all the Freewheel errors and how to troubleshoot them to make it even more complete. 

Screen grab of Error Page

Bookmark this page to keep in sync as we update it frequently with all our new findings.


How A Major Broadcaster Saved 1 Million Impressions a Day

As always everything we do is about ROI and value creation; and this update is no difference.  

Just recently Watching That’s new Freewheel features uncovered a significant technical fault deep in the programmatic setup of a major broadcaster.  

Going well beyond the limitations of the ad server, the data collected by Watching That was pivotal in the identification and understanding of the cause of this issue. 

The result was a quick fix and the saving of 1 Million Impressions a day.

It is clear that without this new integration the issue would have remained out of reach of the operations team and only felt, inexplicably, on the broadcaster’s bottom line.

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