Track Anything, Anytime with Custom Data and Events

From today, users of the Watching That platform can send any data, at any time.

With the launch of Custom Data and Custom Events, the Watching That platform can now be tailored to your specific data collection needs.

Send Anything with Custom Data

Out of the box Watching That collects over 100 data points from across 6 different schemas.  

But we know for advanced teams that might not be enough. 

So we’re putting the power into your hands.  

With Custom Data developers and ad ops professionals can capture any data field they want.  

sample code for custom fields


Just define what you want to send in the configuration block of the plugin; or send it straight to the Collector API and you’re done.

Once it has been collected you can use it like any Dimension across the platform, in real time.

Finally all the data that matters to you can now be central to your Watching That platform.

Click here to read more about how to deploy Custom Data today.


Capture any Moment of Time with Custom Events

Watching That is a streaming data platform, and we thrive on events.  Indeed we capture and correlate over 20 Events that make up the entire video playback sequence.

However we know that there are times when teams need to capture a specific moment of time.  Something we don’t support out of the box.

Maybe when you are trying to run an experiment around viewability, or indeed measure when audience drop off is at its peak.

They all rely on critical data to be sent at an exact moment of time.  You can’t miss it.

So from today, customers of Watching That can simply define what these moments in time are and the platform will take care of the rest:

sample code for custom events

What’s more, developers can define a function to be run in the moment, making this feature infinitely more versatile.

sample code for custom events with a function

Once submitted to the platform, and in partnership with Custom Data, developers and ad ops teams can slice and dice it in any way they want. 

A must have for innovative revops and devops team.

Click here to read more about how to use Custom Events.