The Complete List of Product Updates for Summer 2021

The summer of 2021 has been quite something hasn’t it?

Despite it all the team here has remained hard at work bringing more and more value to the platform of choice for AVOD rev ops teams around the globe.

 Here is the complete list of what Watching That’s excellent product and engineering team has been up to.  


Drag & Drop, Resize and Full Width UI

Telling the right data story just got a whole lot easier with a major refresh of the Reports UI. 

Screenshot of Watching That Report UI

Data analysts and revenue operations teams can now easily design and customise reports to ensure they are telling the right story every time.

With the simple but powerful drag & drop tools users can move widgets around to get them exactly where they need to be.  

Each widget can be easily resized with a click and drag.  

And the entire width of your screen is now in play giving you the entire canvas to play with.

Click here to start creating visually stunning reports.


Widget and Report Libraries

Getting started with Watching That Reports has never been easier with the new libraries for Widgets and Reports.  

Screenshot of Watching That's Report Widget Library

Select from a list of popular widgets and reports developed and designed from our best practice work with companies like yours.  

Be up and running with a highly informative and actionable report in seconds.

Click here to explore what the library has to offer.


Report Sections

An effective report reads like a literary classic.  Engaging, entertaining, informative and memorable.  

All the best works rely on chapters and sections to offer the best experience and your reports are no different.

To make sure you are producing Booker Award worthy reports we released the ability to add Sections to your Reports. 

Screenshot of Create New Section dialogue 

Simply add an informative title to a Section and group your widgets underneath it to bring more clarity and definition to your narrative.

Click here to start adding sections.


Share Reports

Highly anticipated, we have launched the ability for you to effortlessly share your reports to your team and stakeholders.

Screenshot of Watching That Report Sharing Functionality

Like all modern sharing we provide you with a link that you fully control at all times.  An every time your reports are viewed you can ensure the reader is getting the most update to date information.

What’s more is you can be a hero and provide reports for your team members to take over on their own.  Providing true value with a simple link.

Click here to start sharing your reports


Override Report Level Date Ranges

Sometimes the best reports need to tell the story across different date ranges.  Up until now all widgets in your reports were governed by the one date range you set.

Screenshot of Watching That Widget Date Override

Now you can override this by setting a data range on the widget itself.  With this you can now mix and match the date ranges of your widgets in your report, telling a more dynamic and compelling story.  

Click here to change the date ranges of your widgets.


Data Source

Extended Freewheel V4 Logs Data Support 

Watching That customers that power their accounts with Freewheel’s V4 Logs can now enjoy more advanced data support.

The upgraded data connector now consumes:

  • Sold Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Listing
  • Content Brand
  • Endpoint
  • Endpoint Owner
  • Genre

If the are applicable to your revenue operations then you can access them today on top of all the other data points already ingested by Watching That from the Freewheel V4 Logs.

Click here to see all the data consumed by Watching That from Freewheel V4 Logs