The Complete List of Product Updates for Autumn 2021

We are already half-way through Q4 and Christmas and the end of the year is hurtling towards us so we thought we’d take a breath and do a recap of all the product updates that have happened over the past 3 months.

This last product cycle has seen the team focus in areas of real concern for OTT providers:

  1. The ability to make sure everyone across the business has access in a timely manner to the actionable insights and knowledge they need to make the smartest decisions;

  2. Getting deeper insights from the data by discovering trends and correlations using advanced mathematical functions;
  3. Enabling programmatic video publishers to ensure their Viewability is operating at peak leaves, thereby guaranteeing they are earning top dollar for their highly sought-after inventory;
  4. Allowing OTT customers to understand performance by Revenue, as well as Ad Break / Pod optimisation around number of Ads Selected and the Time Unfilled is now available for our Freewheel V4 Logs customers;
  5. Super easy 1 click integration of the Freewheel V4 Log files as a Data Connection so users of this popular ad server can get up and running with Freewheel in a matter of minutes with no coding / integration required.

For more details on the new features keep reading…


Download Reports to PDF

Sharing is caring!  Making sure everyone has access to actionable and informative data is critical for today’s modern OTT revenue operations. Users of Watching That can now download reports to PDF files and send them far and wide, ensuring no one is out of the loop.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 12.41.44


Calculated Columns

Using mathematics (even basic arithmetic) on your metrics lets you discover patterns, understand correlations, quantify relationships and, in some cases, predict the future. 

Watching That users can now create their own calculated metrics using our Calculated Column feature (available only for the Table Visualisation).

 Simply add in some metrics then add in a Calculated Column where you can build a function that uses your selected metrics.  You can even hide the source columns from the final visualisation, or make a Calculated Column that uses other Calculated Columns as inputs.  Higher order derivative functions anyone?

Please get in touch with your CSM if you would like some training as to how to use this tool.

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New Metrics and Dimensions

Giving you the widest angle view of your playout endpoints is our mission, and so we have added some new metrics and dimensions.

Net Impressions & Gross Impressions

We now have 2 impressions metrics that bring even more granularity to one of the most fundamental metrics:

  • Gross impressions – the count of all impressions events
  • Net impressions – the count of impressions after deduplication

Viewability Metrics and Dimensions (Plugin customers only)

We have released 2 new viewability dimensions and 1 new viewability metric to help track your inventory quality performance:

  • Viewability Segment, a dimension, shows the ad viewability split into 0-10%, 10-20%, … 90-100% segments. 
  • 60% In-View, a dimension, allows you to bucket the inventory into what is “in-view” and what isn’t.
  • Viewability, a metric, is the average overall viewability at the time of the Impression Event.


Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 09.52.08

Gross Ad Server Revenue, Ads Selected, Time Unfilled (Freewheel Logs V4)

Ad Break Optimisation is THE a hot topic at the moment.  Knowing how much time is unfilled in a slate or pod can be a key insight into the optimal ad break length and how to align that with linear channels. Or just how much money an Ad Break generates can give OTT business the key they need to high margin growth.

From today our customers that have connected their Freewheel V4 Logs can get answers to these questions and more:

  • Gross Ad Server Revenue – the sum of CPMs where an impression exists
  • Ads Selected – the count of Ads Selected for any given break
  • Time Unfilled – the count of seconds without an Ad for any given ad break

Please get in touch with your CSM if you would like any help using these new metrics and dimensions.

New 1-Click Freewheel V4 Log Connector

It has never been easier to connect your Freewheel V4 Logs supply to Watching That. 

Making use of the AWS CloudFormation screen, users of Watching That can simply click one button to follow 3 configuration steps and be all setup.

Data teams rejoice! Get Started Here



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