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The Autumn 2022 Product Roundup

It’s that time again, our Autumn Product Roundup, where we recap all the exciting launches and releases we’ve done over the last few months.  Last year we had exciting announcements around improved Reporting features, new Metrics and Dimensions and improved Freewheel V4 Log integration support.

This year we’ve increased that 10 fold. We’ve doubled down on our commitment to provide the best monitoring and optimisation software possible for the streaming industry, and it’s continuing to show with the releases of:

  1. Our brand new, state of the art Monitoring Module
  2. New metrics and dimensions, including Audience and Campaign dimensions, for both Freewheel and Google Ad Manager users
  3. The ability to deploy our Collector API as VAST Tracking Pixels
  4. Our next generation infrastructure that’s now available with Bring Your Own Cloud
  5. New pricing models that eliminate Overages

Furthermore we have exciting announcements planned for the coming weeks include:

  • A major update to our Monitoring Module that will include a new look UI and Dimension level support;
  • New Data Connectors for Freewheel’s Bid Level Logs, SpotX Logs, GAM Transfer Logs and Springserve Logs;
  • And much more… so stay tuned!

ICYMI: The New Monitoring Module has launched

Automatically, continuously monitor all your inventory

Monitoring Dashboard Screenshot

If you’ve not been tuned in you’re likely to have missed the launch of our new Monitoring Module. You can read more about here and here but suffice it to say this has been one of the biggest updates to the platform in recent months.

Customers are using it to gain  continuous “360 degree” coverage of their inventory, trusting in the automated anomaly detection features to alert them of any issues arising before they become problematic.  It’s included in all our Editions and if you’re serious about maintaining peak revenue and viewing experiences then you need this.

*New* Audience & Campaign Metrics and Dimensions

Campaigns, Orders, Line Item Type, Programmatic Deals, Ad Units all now available

We’re continuously adding to our standard library of metrics and dimensions based on customer feedback.

In this update we have included a host of new options to continue to give you the data access you crave.


  • Metrics
    • Ad Requests with Audience Items
    • Audience Enabled Ad Requests Rate
    • Impressions with Matched Audiences
    • Matched Audience Impressions Rate
  • Dimensions
    • Ad Unit Type
    • Campaign
    • Content Provider Partner
    • Distribution Partner
    • DMA
    • Endpoint
    • Endpoint Owner
    • Global Advertiser
    • IVT Traffic
    • Insertion Order

Google Ad Manager

  • Dimensions
    • Ad Unit
    • House Split
    • Line Item Type
    • Order Name

These are available today.  To enable them for your account get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Extend Your Coverage with VAST Tracking Support

Leverage the Collector API as Tracking Pixels

If you’re distributing your content to 3rd party FAST and streaming platforms then you’ll be know the pain of how little data is available for you.  The IAB VAST specification offers a compelling solution with a standard set of tracking events and pixels.  All compliant ad tech and video players support these pixels and, from today, you can leverage Watching That’s Collector API as a URL in these tracking pixel.

Get a real time view of every impression and creative across your entire play out landscape, even if you don’t control any of the technology involved – goodbye Walled Gardens!  To get started contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Bring Your Own Cloud

100% Data Security as No Data Leaves Your Cloud

Watching That BYOC Diagram

Enterprise data security and privacy is a major factor in onboarding new technology.  In today’s privacy first world every organisation needs to do its part to protect the identities and sensitive data it collects and manages.

Along with Watching That’s enterprise grade managed infrastructure, customer can now connect their own private cloud.  By connecting your own cloud to the Watching That platform you are ensured the highest level of data security as no data will ever leave your borders.  Bring Your Own Cloud is available today for Everywhere customers.  Contact your account team for more information.

Bye-Bye Overages, Hello Cost Control!

Overages Suck. That’s Why We’ve Gone Capacity

Editions Watching That

No one likes getting a bill that includes overages; it’s unplanned spend and likely due to increased success, which means a penalty for success.

We have worked hard to enable and empower our customer’s success and we are now offering all our plans on an unlimited basis for data collection.  Instead we size the capacity of data processing and storage you need on a monthly basis and is very unlikely to change.  In the rare event that you exceed that capacity it might just mean a drop in performance rather than a hard boundary being hit and costs incurred.  This means you are in complete control at all times, even when you’re flying high.

Coming Up Next…

  • Automated Monitoring at the Dimension Level – just set the dimension you want and the platform takes care of the rest;
  • Incident Report – go from alert to action in one step with a new Incident Report generator;
  • Freewheel has just launched Bid Level Logs as a contemporary feed to their V4 Logs – Watching That will consume these logs and join them back up;
  • GAM Transfer Files, SpotX and Springserve Data Connectors are coming!
  • Improved Custom Metrics and Dimension Support;
  • New Data Exploration and Query Tools that get you that needle in the haystack.