Report of the Month: Playout Status and Health

What is the report template?

An at-a-glance report that provides operators with a central view of their current playout/endpoint status and overall inventory health.

Leveraging 10-minute data intervals, KPIs, operating thresholds and impact visualisations, operators can quickly ascertain if everything is as expected across their entire network.

In the event of an any anomalies, operators can expect to learn about them within minutes and quickly understand their impact and determine a course of action.

Why is it helpful?

There is far too much for any rev ops team to do in any given day.  They need assistance in keeping across the highly dynamic and complicated landscape of their inventory.

This report template is designed to focus in on the key dimensions and metrics of their inventory in a way that lets them quickly and concisely decide if everything is ok or not; and if not what’s going wrong so action can be taken quickly and decisively.

Report Breakdown:

The report template is aligned to your specific set of data connectors / chosen ad server.  It leverages 10 minute intervals and therefore is designed to be used for monitoring the very recent past (from now to 3 days ago).

It is crafted with 3 sections:

  1. Playout Health : a group of KPI and metric visualisation that track the changes and trends of the metrics that matter most.

  2. Operating Thresholds : time-series visualisations of important rates of change (fill rate, unfilled inventory rate, play rate etc) with clear thresholds markings.

  3. Impact Drivers : detailed breakdowns and scoring of the inputs that are delivering the most impact outputs.  Video Attention Scores, Rendered Ad Slot Fill Rate and more make up this advanced analysis section.


How can I find and use the report?

You can add these templates to your reports by clicking through to our Report library. Or by going to ‘Create new report’ and selecting it from the list of available report templates.  Please contact your CSM if you have any questions.