Now Available: Sales Channel, Market Deal Ids, Active Tab + more

We are kicking off 2021 in style with a big release of new data points that are now collected as standard by Watching That.

When it comes to insight generation we live by the mantra Data, Data, Data.  The more data you can access and connect to your world, the more enlightened and enriched you’ll become.

So this release is all about new, critical data points You need to know about.

From today, Watching That users can now monitor, inspect and report on:
  • Page Active – this dimension tracks if the browser tab is active or not.  You can use it to determine if your ad errors are occurring because of videos trying to playback in a non-active tab / page;
  • Mute / Unmute – this dimension pair records when a user enters or exits a muted or unmuted state.  If you autoplay videos with sound off you can use this to track user engagement (a user turning the sound on indicated engaged viewing).  Alternatively if you start videos automatically with sound on, you can assess how many of your users turn the sound off (indicating a negative experience has occurred!).
  • Ad Click – tracking click through rates is a thing of the past; however tracking a user trying to click on an ad can be a sign they are stuck / wanting it to go away.  This new data point lets you track this across every video and ad view.
  • Ad Break and Ad Slot – for those that do multi ad breaks, you can now inspect and analyse your inventory down to the Ad Break and Ad Slot (this was previously a Freewheel only data pair). Optimise ad breaks like never before.
  • Ad Manager Version – knowing if a change in the ad manager code has affect your monetisation is now available by exploring your errors by the version of the Ad Manager.
  • Player Version – same as the Ad Manager Version data point but looking at the version of your player.  You can check and know immediately if a new player release has any negative (or positive) impact on your advertising.


For Watching That users that power the platform using Freewheel Logs, they can now include their programmatic module activity with the introduction of:
  • Market Universal Ad Id (Freewheel only) – the universal ID of the ad creative that was served in the associated ad slot;
  • Market Deal Id (Freewheel only) – the id of the deal that was responsible for filling the associated ad slot;

  • Market Advertiser Id (Freewheel only) – the id of the advertiser that bought the associated ad slot;

  • Market Buyer Seat Id (Freewheel only) – the seat id of the buyer of the associated ad slot;
  • Sales Channel Type (Freewheel only) – by using the Sales Channel Type dimension you can segment your inventory by Direct, Reseller and Programmatic to fully understand the make up of your inventory.


To enable these today just get in touch with your account manager!