New Freewheel Functionality from Watching That: Ad Break Insights, Opt Out Detection, Rendered Inventory Reporting and More

Do you use Freewheel to manage your AVOD inventory?

Do you need more insights into the overall performance of your ad breaks?

Or what about finding out why buyers might be opting out of your inventory?

Maybe you need to know exactly what inventory you have and not just what your ad rules tell you should have?

If any of these questions are burning issues for you and your teams, this latest update to the Watching That platform is for you.


Real Time Inventory Performance and Insights by Ad Break and Ad Slot

With improved support for Freewheel V4 Log Files, teams can now leverage the full power of the Watching That platform down to the Ad Break and Ad Slot levels.

Ad Slots vs Ad Breaks vs Content Stream

Now you can troubleshoot, monitor, analyse and report on your inventory at the Ad Break and Ad Slot level.

Ad Break and Ad Slot Troubleshooting and Reporting

The ability to see everything from the “street level” is a game changer for AVOD businesses.


Buyer Opt Out Detection (by improved Troubleshooting drill down)

Knowing who is NOT buying your inventory is arguably more important than knowing who is.

Well now you can do both!

Commonly referred to as Buyer Opt Out, the instances where your buyers pass on your inventory need to be analysed and understood if you’re going to improve fill rates.

With Watching That, Freewheel users can now use our Troubleshooting app to drill down to the segment of failed fill efforts linking all instances where buyers have returned No Ads, for example.

Segement your failed ad slots by their position in the break, the error code and the selling partner invovled.

From here further segmentation by Series, Site or even Video can illustrate exactly where buyers are opting out of your inventory.

Armed with this new found intelligence, productive and proactive optimisations can take place at a the buyer level.


You can now monitor and analyse your Rendered Inventory

Have you ever needed to know exactly what amount of inventory you have at any given moment?

We’re not talking about the Total Addressable Inventory, as defined by your Ad Rules. No, we’re talking about how much of that theoretical max is actually rendered on your viewer device.

With Watching That’s new Rendered Ad Slots metric for Freewheel v4 Logs customers, operational teams can track and measure the actual inventory that gets rendered on device / in app.

Get Ad Slots and Rendered Ad Slots all in one visualisation

This new metric finally allows a bridge between sales efforts (how much inventory could be produced in a perfect world, and in turn, could be sold) with operational efforts (how much actually gets produced, and if it doesn’t why doesn’t it and what can you do about it?).


And that’s not all folks

The above use cases are just the tip of the iceberg with this release.

Breaking it down, for Freewheel v4 Logs users, Watching That now supports:

  1. Ad Break and Ad Slot level analysis
  2. 4 new Metrics
    1. Ad Slots – the opportunity defined by your Ad Rules, to fill an ad
    2. Rendered Ad Slots – Ad Slots that have been rendered in stream / in device
    3. Rendered Fill Rate – The rate of which Rendered Ad Slots are filled with Impressions
    4. FW: Buyer Response – the event where a 3rd party buyer has responded to the availability of a corresponding Ad Slot
  3. 7 new Dimensions
    1. Ad Break – the period in the playback stream that can contain one to many Ad Slots
    2. Ad Break_Slot – the index of an Ad Slot in a specific Ad Break index
    3. Ad Slot in Break – the index of an Ad Slot in an Ad Break, irrespective of the Ad Break’s index
    4. FW: Selling Partner – the ID or the Name of the Selling Partner as defined in Freewheel
    5. FW: Series – the ID or the Name of the Series as defined in Freewheel
    6. FW: Site – the ID or the Name of the Site as defined in Freewheel
    7. FW: Site Section – the ID or the Name of the Section Section as defined in Freewheel.

With the above a whole host of new possibilities is now available for Watching That customers.

And this is all possible through an integration with the Freewheel V4 Logs files, meaning no code needs to be deployed in your apps and/or your players.

If you’d like to find out more then just drop us a line!