Watching That Product Update Jan 2023

January 2023 Product Updates

We’re kick-starting 2023 with some updates to our Monitoring module, designed with teamwork and actionability in mind. That means getting you to the root cause of an issue as seamlessly as possible, to enable you to solve issues quickly. There’s also a handy new page for overseeing your organisation’s account information.

We’ll start with the biggest update:

1. Monitor Details Page – Breakdowns

We’ve overhauled the Monitor Details page, to give much more powerful ways to understand an event.

It means your diagnosis can begin in-line, helping you make an assessment, and finding the cause of an issue. 

Monitor Ad Requests Discovery Watching That Platform 1

In the box at the top are details of the Monitor including: Monitor Type, Data source, Metric, Time granularity, Current status and Alarm settings.

On the left hand side is the running list of events.

In the centre of the page is a chart showing a breakdown of what has happened.

You can now select a dimension that relates to the event, and drill down into that select dimension. this is called a ‘Breakdown’. Then, you can drill further, adding on another dimension to reveal more granularity. You can do this for up to three Breakdowns.


Monitor Ad Requests 60 Relative Change Discovery 2023 01 12 11 55 01

Monitor Ad Requests Discovery Watching That Platform 2

Once you set your breakdowns they remain in-state for the next time you return to it.

Watch a walk-through of the new features on the Monitor Details page below.

2. Consolidate Your Monitors

This update reduced the duplication of monitors, and encourages re-use.

You can now see all of the monitors created by any members of your team with a Watching That login. These can be found on the Monitoring homepage, as you can see below.

Monitoring Module Watchign That Product Update

This means you can now:

  • Edit or delete any monitor, regardless of who created it
  • Subscribe to any monitor that has been created in your org
  • Filter by who has created the monitor

3. Multiple Notifications

You can now add multiple notification channels to a monitor. This means you can choose to be alerted by both email and Slack.

Watching That Add Multiple Notifications

4. Organisation Settings Page

You can now see the details of your price tier and usage allowance, via a new page – Organisation Settings.

We’ve added a new page to help you understand your entitlements. Navigate to it via My Account -> Organisation Settings. 

You’ll now be able to see which price tier your organisation is on.

Below that, you’ll see the number of users and custom metrics you’re entitled to, alongside your current usage.


Speak to you Watching That CX expert for more details. If you don’t have one, you can request a demo here.