Google Ad Manager Integration is now Live!

From May 26, 2020 Watching That customers can link their Google Ad Manager account to enrich and further extend the data and insights generated by the platform.

After completing this straightforward integration, Watching That will resolve the IDs of active GAM Line Items into their full description including:

  • friendly name
  • line item type
  • line item priority
  • cost per unit
  • cost type
  • associated Order ID and Order Name


Without the Watching That – GAM Integration

Users will still be able to see Line Item activity by ID. 

Here is a snapshot of the Content Performance section with Line Item by ID

Content Performance Line Item by ID


With the Watching That – GAM Integration

However, once the integration is active, Line Items IDs will resolve to their display names and more.

Here is the same view of Content Performance but with Line Item by Name:

Content Performance Line Item By Name


A sample data export where all the Line Item parameters are available and linked to Ad Requests:

Data Export with all Line Item fields


Troubleshooting by linking Video Ad Errors to Line Item Names pinpointing which Line Items are misbehaving:

Video Ad Errors by Google Ad Manager Line Item


Top Line Item Activity and Monitoring to get the shape of buyer activity and ensure everything as it should be:

Monitoring Top Line Item Activity


Activate the Watching That – GAM Integration in 5 simple steps

Here’s what you need to do to turn on the connection:

  1. Go to your Google Ad Manager account and select the network you want to add the integration for (if prompted)
  2. In the GAM menu go to Admin -> Global Settings
  3. In the General Settings section make sure API Access is enabled and click on the Add a Service Account User
  4. Go to and copy the details from Step 4 to GAM
  5. Add your Network Code to the same form in Watching That and click Connect

Within minutes your GAM Line Item IDs will resolve to their names and more!

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