Bringing Video Header Bidding Into The Fold

Header Bidding for Video is revolutionising how digital video advertising is being bought and sold.

However popular platforms like Prebid and Amazon remain a black box when it comes to operational monitoring, troubleshooting and optimisation.

If you run a header bidding setup for video you’ll know how hard it can be to stay on top of everything that goes into running a successful, high yielding auction every single time.

From today, Watching That users can now get full descriptive and diagnostic control of their video header bidding setup.

Real Time Auction Visualisations

Out of the box, users are now able to track in real time:

  • Total revenue generated by the auctions;
  • How many auctions are being run successfully and who’s participating;
  • If, and how many, auctions are returning bids below your floor prices;
  • What the average winning CPMs are per bidder;

Example visualisations from the Video Header Bidding support


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Link Bidding Metrics To Everything Else

Keeping true to the Watching That ethos you can link bidding metrics directly to the rest of your video operations.

With this update, users can:

  • Report on how much bid revenue and activity is generated by any video, player or device;
  • Troubleshoot issues by bringing header bidding data into the investigations of errors that link;
  • Optimise ad serving policy (like floor rates) by linking bidding activity to other sources of demand that are managed in the ad server.

Watching That Data Universe


All through a simple player plugin.  Click here to learn more.

All Your Header Bidding Wrappers In One Place

If you deploy more than one header bidding wrapper side by side you might struggle to keep an eye on everything. Let alone unify all the data points available.

Watching That treats all Header Bidding frameworks equally.  

Rather than plug into these frameworks we record and analyse the data they transmit to your ad server via the ad tag.  

That means we can monitor all your frameworks in one central place.  One view for everything.  

This update is now available.  Get in touch to learn more and see it in action.