Announcing the Watching That Monitoring Module

From today, ensuring continuous peak performance of your scaling video streaming business just got a whole lot easier.

Watching That’s new Monitoring Module (available across all platform editions) has been designed, from the ground up, with the needs of your business at the centre of our product innovation.

Our research shows that a typical AVOD and Live Streaming publisher has over 1,500 ad placements offered to 12 programmatic buying partners across 1,530 content series available to stream on 96 sites.

This is simply impossible for any revenue team to keep across efficiently and effectively.   You might as well try and race a F1 car using just your rear view mirrors!

That changes today with the availability of our new Monitoring Module.

A simple to use UI and powerful machine learning algorithms allow users to choose any part of their playout topology to be monitored automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Should any anomalies be detected users are notified within minutes via their chosen communication pathway.

This automated early warning and notification system coupled with Watching That’s industry leading troubleshooting and optimisation tools ensures almost effortless continuous peak performance by minimising loss / downtime when issues do arise.

We know publisher teams are struggling to keep across all the fragmentation and complexity in the scaling streaming market so we’ve built this for you.

#1 Automated Monitoring via Machine Learning

Netflix said it best: “Complexity and human-reliant approaches don’t scale; simplicity and algorithm-driven approaches do.

The Watching That Monitoring Module offers users the ability to create automated monitors that leverage the power of machine learning algorithms.

By simply selecting the metric to monitor, optionally filtering it by any dimension and setting its sensitivity the Smart Monitor takes care of the rest.

After an initial ‘learning phase’ the Smart Monitor understands what normal is and then continuously stands guard for the introduction of an anomaly that breaches its sensitivity setting.

Watching That Smart Alert Configuration Screen

No need to set absolute threshold values or need to figure out what a nominal operating range should be.  The Smart Monitor does it all, automatically.

#2 Peace of Mind from All Day, Every Day, In Near Real Time Coverage

It’s a fact that Prime Time viewing does not overlap with regular office hours.

This means that the majority of ad delivery issues appear when operational staff are either off for the day, or putting in overtime / shift work.

One Watching That customer experienced a trafficking issue with a partner platform that started on a Saturday morning.  During this 48 hrs before it was noticed on the Monday saw them lose over 1 Million premium ad opportunities.

They can now rest assured that an issue like this will be caught and their team notified within minutes of it starting.

With Watching That’s Monitoring Module, teams easily setup monitors that continuously check all the metrics that matter and notify, within minutes, of any issues appearing.

The streaming data architecture of the Watching That Platform ensures data is processed fast; really fast.  Depending on the data sources connected issues can be spotted within minutes and seconds.

Example Threshold Monitor

#3 Minimal Service Impact with Notifications and Troubleshooting Tools

How do you minimise any negative impacts to your business?  By reacting quickly and resolutely.

Watching That’s Monitoring Module partners perfectly with the Troubleshooting Module to provide everything your team needs to identify, diagnose and treat issues within minutes of them appearing.

How much is a day, an hour or even a minute of downtime worth to your business?

In today’s highly competitive streaming market viewers flee at the first stream bump; advertisers pull budgets when campaigns under deliver; you need to ensure every viewing session is delivering its maximum outcomes: monetisation, experience, content.

All your data is available in the Monitoring Module – all from an easy to use interface, coupled with the Watching That Troubleshooting and Optimisation tools.

So you can rest assured that when something goes awry you’ll be notified immediately, ready to react with purpose and armed to solve it within minutes and seconds after it appears.

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The Watching That Monitoring is available today in all Edition based plans.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more!