Case Study: New York Post

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As part of Watching That’s #RecoverStronger programme to help the video industry, we’re highlighting examples of how our customers are navigating the current turbulent market. This post looks at Watching That customer The New York Post, one of the leading publisher groups in the US. 

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New-York-Post1370545091-2Powerful video diagnostics that protect millions of
video ad impressions a day.

The New York Post is one of the most established, provocative and impactful news brands in the US. It operates a digital portfolio generating more than 100million unique visitors, 670million page views and 200million video views a month.

Like all premium news publishers, video is a key medium for the NY Post to tell their stories and derive meaningful business returns. And with traffic volumes surging during the Covid pandemic, protecting and growing revenue is now more important than ever. 

In a turbulent market, the New York Post turns to its best in class Revenue Operations team, led by Vice President Revenue Ops Amanda Gomez, to ensure every video view is monetised to the fullest extent possible. Helped by Watching That’s video intelligence platform.

Amanda Gomez, VP Revenue Operations, New York Post

With Watching That, the Revenue Operations team has been able to take full control of the NY Post’s video advertising. To quote Amanda:

Watching That has given us full control of our video advertising…their diagnostics and troubleshooting tools have helped us find, fix and solve revenue impacting issues much more quickly and easily than before. And their rich business grade reporting means everyone is always in the know about where we are, what needs to be done and how to go about it.”


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