Bienvenue Prisma Media

At the national level of digital media publishing, Prisma Media is about as big as they come 

A fully owned subsidiary of  Gruner + Jahr, Prisma Media is the number one French press group in the country’s print and digital sector, with over twenty flagship brands.

Their video powered portfolio includes:

As with all premium digital media producers, video sits at the core of who they are and what their audiences are engaging most with.

And, as with all premium digital media sellers, they need to ensure they are maximising the returns and profits from their video advertising inventory. 

So they know as well as anyone that to be ultimately successful at video publishing and advertising it’s about becoming the master of your domains.  And to do that you need to know exactly what is working, why it works and how to keep doing more of it.

They recognised they needed video intelligence, and that the Watching That platform is the solution.

Tunnelling through the programmatic supply path

One key aspect of the Watching That platform that is transforming how Prisma Media successfully delivers its video revenue is its ability to `tunnel through a programmatic supply path` and show exactly what advertising system (DSP) is delivering what ad creative and exactly how well that is working. 

With the Watching That platform, Prisma Media can monitor and isolate the exact ad creatives that are being deployed to deliver programmatic video ad impressions, no matter how far down the wrapper chain they live. 

Why this matters is relatively simple:  When running at such scale one rouge creative, delivered by an entity 2 or 3 steps removed, can significantly impact your yields and overall fill rates.  What’s more, trying to identify what and where things are going wrong can be maddeningly frustrating and often end without resolution.

With Watching That, Prisma can now see in real time:

  • which ads are active across their network; 
  • which ads are malfunctioning and where they are coming from;
  • determine the right plan of action to issue a solution quickly and concretely;
  • validation that the fix is solid and lasting;

So with that we say a big Bienvenue to Prisma Media as they join the growing list of premium publishers and broadcasters that are leveraging Watching That video intelligence to transform their video publishing fortunes.

If you would like to understand just how much you can transform your video advertising business then please get in touch!


Inside Watching That: Unpacking the video ad

Some of the key data visualisations used by Prisma and available to all users of the Watching That platform include:

Showing your performance by Ad Creative:


Describing general VPAID errors in explicit, contextual ways