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Streaming Media Businesses Must Revolutionise their Revenue Monitoring Solutions. Now.

  In the fast-paced world of streaming media, where every second counts, revenue operations are at a critical juncture.  Their days are akin to driving a Formula 1 car while relying solely on the rear-view mirror, as the monitoring data they require to ensure continuous peak revenue performance is often delayed, incomplete, limited to local ad […]

Watching That’s Predictions for Streaming TV in 2024

While 2023 will be remembered as a tough year for Tech and Media, Streaming TV has continued its growth trajectory with the surge in FAST channels and ad supported streaming (Disney+, Netflix). With plenty of noise around for the year ahead, we asked our team for their predictions based on what they’ve seen happening over […]

IAB’s Compass report points the way for the UK’s CTV future

As an IAB Member, we were excited to see the release of the Compass report on CTV this week. Sitting alongside reports on Gaming, Shoppable Advertising, and AR/VR, this puts CTV firmly in the ‘buzzy tech’ bracket. The report gives an insight into how the CTV sector is developing, with a much needed overview of […]

Surviving CTV’s Awkward Adolescent Phase

This text is based on a talk Cameron Church gave at the Future of TV Advertising Global event in December 2022.   Read the full article below, but first, here’s the video: Surviving CTV’s Awkward Adolescent Phase The past two years have witnessed an explosion of ad funded streaming services. Viewers are inundated with choice from […]

The Tyranny of Data Decay, and How To Avoid It

Whether we’re talking about dentistry or data, decay is real, but it’s also very preventable. The concept of data decay refers to how the value of data reduces over time. When we’re talking advertising and media – the timeframes are tiny, and the impact of the decay is huge. In the specific sector that we […]

How Did We Do? Our 2022 CTV Predictions Revisited

This time last year we made six predictions about what was going to happen in CTV this year (2022). Did we get it 🎯 spot on, in the right ⚾️ ball-park, or completely 🤦‍♂️ miss the mark? Prediction #1. Subscriptions will hit saturation point, leading more and more services to offer light ad- supported hybrid […]

There’s No Time To Waste With Always-On CTV Monitoring

Opinion from Watching That CEO Cameron Church: A standing start Omnicom Media’s Kelly Metz was right when she told the Prog I/O audience that TV measurement is nowhere near as messy as it was just 12 months ago. But that’s not saying much; that was a standing start, and there’s still a long way to […]

Why we’re all-in on Independent Measurement and Monitoring

2022 is set to be the biggest year yet for the streaming industry.  As the dust settles from a year of mega ad tech IPOs and acquisitions, plus the coming of age of streaming platforms, 2022 is the year the industry has to get back to business. That’s why we, at Watching That, are all-in […]

Watching That OTT Predictions for 2022

Wow, what a year! The growth in video/OTT/streaming has been huge and further accelerated by the pandemic and the buzz around CTV shows that it will be a key focus for 2022, and it is time for advertising to step up and deliver. However, there are also some major challenges facing the brave new world […]

Let’s Look at Why the Magnite SpotX Tie Up is a Smart Move

With the waves from the big $1.17 Billion Magnite acquisition of SpotX splash still crashing around the video advertising industry ocean, it’s a good time to look a bit closer at why a deal like this has happened.  And maybe just hint that this was a steal for Magnite…