Let’s Talk About…Video Fill Rates

Watching That’s “Let’s Talk About…” series, part of our #RecoverStronger programme, delves into the depths of the most interesting, poignant & fundamental concepts in video advertising – demystifying & clarifying for the industry. Check out our #RecoverStronger hub for more guides, tips, tricks and expert advice.

ADVISORY: Spike in 400 VAST Errors in IMA SDK as of July 15, 2020

Advisory for Video Ad Operations Teams Watching That has recently detected a spike in the number of ad errors coded as VAST 400 across our network of customers that use the IMA SDK.

How to troubleshoot a low video fill rate in 3 steps

If you’re among many digital media publishers and OTT broadcasters you’ll be feeling like your fill rate could be doing a lot better.

Q4 video optimisation tips

The Ad Ops teams we’re working with are heads down on delivering their Q4 and end-of-year targets.   They’re using Watching That to make sure nothing is left on the table. 

Introducing The Video Ad Flow Map

Troubleshooting video ad failures requires you to go deep into the mechanics of how things work . For this we’ve developed the Video Ad Flow map.

The 5 steps to troubleshoot your video ad failures

When video ads fail things can go from bad to worse pretty quickly. Operating at scale, the lost opportunity can rake up 100,000s of missed impressions and video views in only a few minutes.