January 2023 Product Updates

We’re kick-starting 2023 with some updates to our Monitoring module, designed with teamwork and actionability in mind. That means getting you to the root cause of an issue as seamlessly as possible, to enable you to solve issues quickly. There’s also a handy new page for overseeing your organisation’s account information. We’ll start with the […]

Monitoring Module Update: New Look and New Relative Change Monitoring

From today users of the Watching That Monitoring Module will notice a new look design and a new Relative Change monitor type. Over the last few months our users have provided us with great feedback and we’ve listened, leading to this release. And there is more on the way soon, so subscribe to this blog […]

The Autumn 2022 Product Roundup

It’s that time again, our Autumn Product Roundup, where we recap all the exciting launches and releases we’ve done over the last few months.  Last year we had exciting announcements around improved Reporting features, new Metrics and Dimensions and improved Freewheel V4 Log integration support. This year we’ve increased that 10 fold. We’ve doubled down […]

We’re changing our processing delay for Freewheel V4 Logs

Starting October 15, 2022, Watching That’s default rollup processing delay of Freewheel V4 Log files will be changing from 15  to 120 minutes. What’s the situation? For over 2 years Watching That has provided a Freewheel v4 Logs Data Connector.  Customers who have deployed it have benefitted from all of the Watching That platform functions […]

Announcing the Watching That Monitoring Module

From today, ensuring continuous peak performance of your scaling video streaming business just got a whole lot easier. Watching That’s new Monitoring Module (available across all platform editions) has been designed, from the ground up, with the needs of your business at the centre of our product innovation. Our research shows that a typical AVOD […]

Report of the Month: Playout Status and Health

What is the report template? An at-a-glance report that provides operators with a central view of their current playout/endpoint status and overall inventory health. Leveraging 10-minute data intervals, KPIs, operating thresholds and impact visualisations, operators can quickly ascertain if everything is as expected across their entire network. In the event of an any anomalies, operators […]

Report of the Month: Unfilled Inventory

What is the report template? One of the main areas of interest for the majority of our customers and our industry, in general, is understanding where they are losing revenue because they are not filling all possible ad opportunities. Utilising our Unfilled inventory metric, which we define as a rendered ad slot where there has […]

Report of the Month: Freewheel Campaign Performance

What is the report template? From talking to our customers we are very aware that the volume of campaigns they are managing has increased exponentially over the last 12 – 18 months, with some campaign management teams are now dealing with 10x as many campaigns as they were before, and so we decided to focus […]

The Complete List of Product Updates for Autumn 2021

We are already half-way through Q4 and Christmas and the end of the year is hurtling towards us so we thought we’d take a breath and do a recap of all the product updates that have happened over the past 3 months.

Report of the Month: Viewability

What is the report template? This report was built to help track viewability performance, and ensure any changes in viewability are easily identified so they can be fixed quickly.  With the release of 3 new viewability data points, we wanted to make a template that would highlight the key environment factors that might affect viewability […]