Mid-Year Product Updates: Exciting New Features and Enhancements

As we pass the halfway mark of the year, we’re excited to share the latest product updates and enhancements that have been rolled out so far. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you new features that improve functionality, streamline processes, and provide greater insights. Here’s a rundown of what’s new: Inspect Module Validation […]

18 Billion Potential Points of Ad Delivery Failure. Here’s How You Protect Yourself.

18,631,973,192. That’s the number of permutations of ad inventory that makes up a typical 24 hrs for an ad supported broadcaster. 2,282 Ad Creatives, 2,027 Placements and 4,028 Ad Units. Just to get one ad seen by one viewer an ad server needs to match up multiple inputs to get the perfect match.  These inputs […]

From Overwhelmed to In Total Control. How a Billion a Month Broadcaster Transformed their Ad Monitoring.

“What do you mean we haven’t been serving ads on [a very popular platform] for over a week?!?!” “How did this happen?!”  “Why didn’t we notice it sooner?!”  “This is going to seriously cost us….” Sound familiar? The above were all from a streaming broadcaster who generates over a billion of ad impressions per month […]

Avoid Ad Overload and Bad Ad Experiences. Keep on top of Your Exposure Rates

Over exposing your viewers to ads can have catastrophic effects.  But under exposing them leaves money on the table.  How do you get it right? Bad ad experiences are proven to be a major cause of viewer abandonment.  It’s an obvious point to state but a hard one to monitor and control. One of the […]

How to Easily and Quickly Setup A Viewer Complaint Response System That Works

Are you tired of chasing your tail when it comes to responding to viewer complaints?  Always being the last to know something isn’t right, and then not having the tools to find out exactly what happened?  All the while the clock is ticking and the frustrations are mounting? Running the revenue operations for a streaming […]

Let’s Talk About…. Ad Revenue Monitoring

In the world of streaming video, if you blink you’ve missed it.  And if you’ve missed it then you can get into trouble pretty quickly.  Small issues cascade into major outages leading to viewer abandonment, material revenue loss, undelivered campaigns and operational chaos.   With the complexity and fragmentation of your playout landscape increasing unabated, […]

Unveiling Inspect: Find The Needles In Your Inventory Haystacks

We are thrilled to introduce our latest module in the Watching That Analytics and Monitoring Platform: Inspect. This powerful addition is designed to revolutionize how you access the session level data that matters most in your streaming operations. Aiming to do what Dev Tools has done to the Web Browser, Inspect allows users to find […]

Streaming Media Businesses Must Revolutionise their Revenue Monitoring Solutions. Now.

  In the fast-paced world of streaming media, where every second counts, revenue operations are at a critical juncture.  Their days are akin to driving a Formula 1 car while relying solely on the rear-view mirror, as the monitoring data they require to ensure continuous peak revenue performance is often delayed, incomplete, limited to local ad […]

Watching That’s Predictions for Streaming TV in 2024

While 2023 will be remembered as a tough year for Tech and Media, Streaming TV has continued its growth trajectory with the surge in FAST channels and ad supported streaming (Disney+, Netflix). With plenty of noise around for the year ahead, we asked our team for their predictions based on what they’ve seen happening over […]

Monitoring Pixel: total continuous monitoring of all your inventory with Watching That, code free!

Are you a revenue or technical operations professional in a streaming video business?  Or an executive in charge of ensuring your business is maximising revenue returns and protecting your profit margins?  Great news: it just became simple to ensure every aspect of your ad inventory is monitored continuously for any anomalies or issues, code free! […]