The Tyranny of Data Decay, and How To Avoid It

Whether we’re talking about dentistry or data, decay is real, but it’s also very preventable. The concept of data decay refers to how the value of data reduces over time. When we’re talking advertising and media – the timeframes are tiny, and the impact of the decay is huge. In the specific sector that we […]

CTV Predictions for 2023

Last year gave us plenty of surprises, with global issues affecting life at every level, let alone the media industry. The is no doubt that these issues and their effects will continue well into 2023 and, potentially, beyond.  So it is under this volatile, chaotic ceiling that we’ve collectively attempted another list of what you […]

How Did We Do? Our 2022 CTV Predictions Revisited

This time last year we made six predictions about what was going to happen in CTV this year (2022). Did we get it 🎯 spot on, in the right ⚾️ ball-park, or completely 🤦‍♂️ miss the mark? Prediction #1. Subscriptions will hit saturation point, leading more and more services to offer light ad- supported hybrid […]