Watching That partners with Brightcove to help publishers optimize video

Watching That is a leading video intelligence platform designed to help video content publishers drive the highest possible fill rates, CPMs, content views and engagement, through a single player plugin and a cloud-based analytics and intelligence interface.


In Today’s constantly evolving video space, staying at the forefront of technological development is essential for any online video content publisher or broadcaster. Whether it is undertaking deep dives into content performance and profitability through analytics, or employing an off-network content distribution strategy via the latest social media platform or cloud-based marketplace, survival is measured in seconds.

It is just as important for the success of businesses servicing the industry like ourselves, to support and partner with cutting-edge complimentary platforms and technologies employed by publishers. Which is why we are excited to announce we have been accepted into the Brightcove Partner ecosystem.

Brightcove is widely recognised as the industry’s leading video platform, offering best-of-breed technology, combined with their dedicated team of experts and partners providing solutions ranging from distribution and discovery networks through to recommendation engines and digital marketing services.

What we bring to the party:

  • Multi-dimensional video content and advertising analytics and intelligence
  • An ‘out-of-the-box’ simple client-side plugin implementation into Brightcove players
  • A unified ‘single source of truth’ data set that combines all video content and advertising events
  • Brightcove Analytics API integration
  • Video header bidding

Some of the problems we help Brightcove customers solve are:

  • Lower than expected ad fill rates combined with player and ad serving errors
  • Data discrepancies between Brightcove video plays and corresponding DFP ad server impressions
  • Inventory quality measurement and CPM decisioning
  • Demand side performance visibility

Our founder and CEO, Cameron Church, explains, “Watching That is able to provide a holistic view of video ad performance, and we’ve built an easy-to-use reporting dashboard so that publishers can drill down into specific issue areas. We’re excited to make Watching That’s platform available to Brightcove customers so that they can more easily diagnose ad-related issues and identify new opportunities that, when addressed, can improve user experience and revenue.”

A long time customer of Brightcove, Express Newspapers, can attest to the value of plugging us in to their Brightcove players. CTO Alan Whiteley shared, “The error analytics are incredibly useful and have helped us go beyond general fill problems to the root causes of genuine issues that have plagued performance.” He added, “Watching That has allowed us to dig into the details of our video ad activity like never before. Certain metrics, like geography, domain and device, have really helped us understand our overall performance. We have been able to identify new low-hanging fruit, which we are monetizing, increasing overall revenue with little extra effort.”

On average, after plugging in and quickly identifying video ad serving issues or new opportunities, our customers overall have seen a 50%+ lift in their ad fill rate across their key markets and devices. Customers typically see a 30%+ lift in the first 30 days.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about how easy and fast it is to implement our plugin into your Brightcove players and start seeing real-time video content and advertising data within 15 minutes.