API & Data Export functionality

Here at Watching That, product development moves at a furious pace. We are working hard behind the scenes every day to add more features & improvements to our analytics and intelligence platform.

In the last month we have added an API that supports server side ad insertion, as well as export functionality to enable offline data manipulation and analysis.

1. Measure SSAI using Watching That’s API

Through the API, broadcasters and publishers can gain a single unified view of their player and content data alongside direct and 3rd-party advertiser data. The API supports server side ad insertion (SSAI), OTT platforms and native apps.

Customers building in-house dashboards and monitoring tools can take advantage of our specialised video event Collector that feeds the API. The Collector ingests video content and ad events such as ad requests, errors, plays, impressions, skips and quartiles. It also captures dimensions such as advertisers, players, domains, browsers, device types and geographies. All events and dimensions are captured and available in real time.

2. Export your data for offline analysis

The new data export feature enables customers to export a CSV file from both our Content Performance and Errors reports. All current date ranges and filters applied to the reports within the interface, carry through to the CSV export. The one-click feature is accessed via the export button on the right side of both report types.