Autumn 2018 Platform Updates

The Autumn (2018) Platform Update has landed and is available from now for all our users. There’s a tonne of stuff to get through so let’s get stuck in.

0. TL:DR

For those in a rush, here are the head lines. From today you can now:

  • Craft personalised real time views of your data with our new Dashboard Framework;
  • Your data across all devices. With our new responsive, mobile friendly design you can access your data where ever you are;
  • Get ahead of the pack by deploying Video Header Bidding and driving up your yields;
  • DFP Line Items are now part of the data set – finally you can link Line Items to all your video data;
  • A new global infrastructure allows our platform to go way beyond the billions of events we track, record and analyse (you can rest well, you’re in safe hands!).

1. Personalisable Dashboards

Keeping your eyes across your entire video technology stack just got a whole lot easier. Our new Dashboard framework lets you craft useful and personalised views of your data. All in one place. All in real time.

The Dashboard framework is powered by a growing list of data driven widgets. For launch we have 15 widgets spanning Essential Operations, Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

So if you ever wanted to have real time data about your Video Views, Ad Impressions, Player Performance, Fill Rate and DFP Line Items all in one place then look no further!

Your Personalised Dashboard awaits! – simply log in and follow the signs

2. Responsive Design for All Devices

Whether you’re in a meeting and need a quick look at figures, or you’re on the beach checking in, our new responsive design means you can see your data on whatever device you have at hand.

Available today for all our users!

3. Video Header Bidding for ALL!

In beta over the summer months, our Video Header Bidding module is now available to all.

Video Header Bidding is a trend in the industry that ensures inventory is sold at the highest price each time. It’s done by unifying the bidding across many buyers in a highly efficient way.

Watching That’s mission is to help publishers realise the maximum returns from their videos. In this light we see Video Header Bidding as a terrific growth tactic and results are showing significant uplifts in yields. In one study we recorded a 30% lift in CPMs against the alternative tag based approach.

By bringing this feature to the platform, we allow our customers to easily get up and running with all the rich data analytics and transparency you’d expect from the leading video intelligence platform.

Video Header Bidding is available from today. Just contact us via the in platform chat box for more info.

4. DFP Line Item IDs Are Here!

The most fundamental concept to any DFP powered ad ops team is the Line Item. Monetisation success and failure pivot around the Line Item’s performance.

From today you can now filter and report on how these critical items impact your overall performance. Want to know which line items perform best with what video? We’ve got it. Want to know which line item works best for mobiles in a certain country? We’ve got it. Want to know which line items are throwing what errors? We’ve… well you get it.

Just go in app and you’ll see you can access DFP Line Items all over the place.

5. More Power! Infinite (estimated) Scale!

There isn’t really a nice screen grab to go along with this update but the numbers don’t lie. Over the summer we released a whole new infrastructure. Our ability to scale is incredible. We already track, record and analyse billions of events (all with rich data payloads) without breaking a sweat. But now we can go so much, much higher with a global reach.

As the company grows at pace and we work with more premium publishers the world round, they can all rest assured they’ll get a first class service and experience no matter where they and their audiences are.

We’ve got you covered.